The internet is flooded with people claiming to be health experts and doling out cookie-cutter nutrition advice. Navigating the world of nutrition alone can be overwhelming and confusing. But I am here to hold your hand throughout your journey to a healthier, happier you. My name is Alethea Mills, a Gold Coast based Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. I'm passionate about helping people rediscover the spark of vitality deep within.

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Gut Health: How to have a rockin’ microbiome

How many plant foods have you eaten this week? The power of plants can’t be ignored and why would we, plants are delicious and provide so many nutrients for multiple functions in our body. This blog I’m chatting about gut health or more specifically the gut microbiome and how plants are the key to a rockin' microbiome. Am I suggesting vegan, no. Including animal proteins in the diet have incredible benefits for overall health, however, the plant foods should always be the hero of the plate. This is plant-based eating, plants are the shining heros! What is the microbiome? "A microbiome is the community of micro-organisms living together in a particular habitat”. We often hear about the gut microbiome (it’s a hot topic!), ...

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Eating Rainbows vs Counting Macros

Has counting macros become one of your daily habits? Or counting points in Weight Watchers world? Counting calories? Weighing yourself daily on the scales? I mean I get it, I used to count. Once upon a time I could’ve told you how many calories were on my plate, so I hear you loud and clear! It can feel like a sense of control, it means you are looking after your health and if I stop counting it’ll all go pear-shaped, right? No, it doesn’t and it won’t. It makes me shake my head because counting leads to disengagement with what we physically need, our bodies will tell us what we need, if we listen. If counting calories, macros, whatever it may be, you will often overeat or undereat, all to fit in the daily quota. And let’s be honest, ...

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Richie’s Rustic Broth

My partner decided he wanted to include bone broth in his diet after reading the benefits and remembering how much he loved it as a child. After experimenting with a few bought products, he decided he would make his own as he loves to cook. So here we have for you, Rich's bone broth. What is bone broth helpful for? Bone broth provides a natural source of gelatin which is made up of amino acids such as cysteine, glycine, proline, and glutamine. These amino acids support gut health by improving the quality of the gut lining and decreasing intestinal permeability - "leaky gut" and supporting the release of gastric acid for digestion. The amino acids and minerals found in bone broth are also supportive of healthy joints and reducing ...

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11 Ways to Decrease Stress & Support Immune Health

I’ve mentioned a few times on posts and you have probably heard it thrown around a bit lately, the association of stress and the impact on the immune system and why in the current environment these are both so important. How does stress impact the immune system? When demands on the body exceed the ability of our body to cope and deal with the current demands is when we experience stress. Stress is not always bad for the body to experience, acute stress, such as exercise is positive for our body. This is the type of stress that we might experience over an hour training session or at a time the body senses and emergency, then the body has time to relax, be calm and reset. It is our “fight or flight” mode, our in-built survival ...

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Essential Tips for COVID-19

We are currently in unprecedented times and terms such as “social distancing” and “self-isolation” have become part of a standard conversation. For most of us, we are used to living in a fast-paced world, where everything is available at the click of a mouse, tap on a phone and an abundance of whatever the hell you want in all of our stores. This change can be tricky for us and slowing down can be difficult. I have found it helpful to focus on what I can do to make the most of this time and focus on how I can remain in good health, mentally and physically. That’s the organised Cancerian coming out in me! Keeping Sane in Home Isolation! Daily routine -  implement work time, family time and exercise. Get showered and dressed ...

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