The internet is flooded with people claiming to be health experts and doling out cookie-cutter nutrition advice. Navigating the world of nutrition alone can be overwhelming and confusing. But I am here to hold your hand throughout your journey to a healthier, happier you. My name is Alethea Mills, a Gold Coast based Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. I'm passionate about helping people rediscover the spark of vitality deep within.

Go Green Breakfast

Go Green Breakfast Breakfast can be done right and not so right. Poor breakfast choices can lead to fatigue and energy slumps mid-morning Breakfast’s that are high in refined carbohydrate, think standard breakfast cereals or the toast brigade, spike blood sugar and lead to blood sugar drops in addition to lacking feelings of satiety (feeling full and satisfied). Including fats and proteins in your breakfast will help stabilise blood sugar and leave you feeling satisfied and support healthy hormone production.Course: Breakfast Servings: 1 Equipment Frying pan Ingredients 2 organic free range eggs½ small avocado1 cup watercress or baby spinach¼ cup sauerkraut1 tbsp parsley ...

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Toasted Maple Muesli

Toasted Maple Muesli Making your own muesli is a fantastic way to have this crunchy addition in your pantry. The shop bought muesli can be very high in sugar and added colours and flavours. And the bonus of making your own is you can include all your favourite ingredients.Cook Time20 minsCourse: Breakfast Author: Alethea Mills Equipment Baking trayParchment paper Ingredients 3 cups rolled oats1 cup raw nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans)40 grams coconut flakes¾ cup seeds (linseed, sunflower, hemp, pumpkin seeds)1 tsp your favourite spice (I chose nutmeg and cinnamon)3 tbsp 100% pure maple syrup or raw honey3 tbsp coconut ...

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Banana & Date Porridge

Banana & Date Porridge We often make this delicious porridge in winter so it is ready and waiting when we come home from training in the morning. It is warm and comforting whilst providing fibre for a healthy gut and LDL cholesterol levels, carbohydrate to replace the glycogen stores post training and protein to aid in muscle repair and synthesis.Course: Breakfast Servings: 2 people Author: Alethea Mills Equipment Saucepan Ingredients 2 cups filtered water1 large banana1 cup rolled oats2 tsp chia seeds2 small fresh medjool dates (finely chopped)1 tbsp raw nuts (chopped)1/4 cup natural Greek yoghurt or coconut ...

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Hangxiety – those feels after the night before

Have you experienced it? The post alcohol anxiety, feeling unsettled, guilty or overwhelmed? There is a reason for this and a relationship between alcohol, neurotransmitters and alcohol. Alcohol consumption boosts dopamine levels in the brain, the reward pathway or the dopamine pathway, is essentially overloaded and feelings of euphoria can occur. This can lead to repeated behaviour and seeking that dopamine rush again, which can amongst other factors lead to addiction. Alcohol affects neurotransmitters, it slows the release of glutamate and increases the release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and dopamine. The result is a mix of brain chemicals where some increases make you feel good and others enhance feelings of calm and often ...

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Benefits of morning exercise – What is BDNF?

Morning Exercise…do we really need another reason? BDNF, that’s the reason. I often recommend morning exercise over afternoon exercise, particularly with clients who have sleep difficulties and here is another reason, BDNF. What is it?  Brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF). And what the hell is that I hear you say. It is a protein that is made inside the nerve cells and it functions like a superfood for our brain, it’s a brain fertiliser. BDNF allows the messages that are travelling through the brain to get where they need to go and improves the signal strength, for those of you who have ever tried to tune a radio…that feeling when you get the tuning just right – pure gold. BDNF improves synaptic plasticity, meaning it can ...

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