The internet is flooded with people claiming to be health experts and doling out cookie-cutter nutrition advice. Navigating the world of nutrition alone can be overwhelming and confusing. But I am here to hold your hand throughout your journey to a healthier, happier you. My name is Alethea Mills, a Gold Coast based Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor's Degree of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. I'm passionate about helping people rediscover the spark of vitality deep within.

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Client Testimonials

Beef & Broccoli Stirfy

This is big for me, I have only recently been including red meat in my diet after not eating red meat from circa 2002! And when I say including, I've eaten it about two times this year as I simply just don't fancy it that often. I don't have rules around what I eat and tend to eat what my body feels it requires. Although I am very aware if I've not taken a break all day and suddenly feeling the need to devour "all the things" but mostly the things with a hefty sugar punch that I've likely left eating too long rather than a desperate physiological need for my body weight in sugar. I was going to include a post for iron using plant-based foods, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish, super simple and worth a share. Ingredients (serves ...

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Raspberry Collagen Smoothie

There are many nutrients that support the prevention of injury and recovery from injury. Does collagen have superpowers, no. Is it going to give you an instant facelift, thick hair, and long nails, no. But has it been shown to be beneficial for joint pain and recovery with a faster return to training. Vitamin C, omega3 and calcium featuring in this smoothie as other great nutrients to support recovery from injury. the recipe below serves one. Ingredients 150ml coconut milk3 tbsp natural pot set yoghurt1/2 banana1/3 cup strawberries & raspberries2 tsp ground chia seeds1-2 tbsp collagen powder1/2 cup ice Instructions Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender/VitamixBlend until smooth and enjoy! - Remember to chew your ...

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Salmon Nourish Bowl

These bowls are quick and a great way to get a bowl full of nutrients. This bowl has salmon, seaweeds, edamame, and greens, lots of nutrients to support a healthy menstrual cycle with magnesium, iodine, essential fatty acids (omegas), and carbohydrate. Serves 3. Ingredients 2 cups cooked rice (choose your favourite)150g edamame1 avocado1/2 cup fresh seaweed1 sheet dried seaweed or dulse flakes345g sashimi salmon100g tempeh2 handfuls baby spinach3 radishes1tbsp sesame seeds Instructions Cook rice. I like to do absorption method. Add around 1 cup rice to a saucepan with 2 cups of water. Bring to the boil, take lid off stir, drop the heat to low and simmer with the lid on until all water has goneAdd cooled rice to the ...

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Fish with Plum & Herb Salad

Someone once said to me, "wow, you're a nutritionist and you don't love to cook?". 100%!! It surprises some people that not all nutritionists are recipe creators, chefs, and love to spend every spare moment in the kitchen. If I'm honest I'd rather be out trail running. I'm lucky enough to have a partner who loves to cook and is bloody amazing at it - yep I know, scored on that one. The food I make is simple, fresh, doesn't take a lot of time and can often be made in one pan, because cleaning up isn't fun either, right?! This one is simple, contains all of your macronutrients and lots of colour to feed your gut microbiome. Ingredients 450-500g flathead fillets4 large potatoes2.5tbsp extra virgin olive oil2 tsp grass-fed butter2 ...

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DIY Sports Drink

There are many brands of ready made sports/electrolyte drinks to choose from to recover from those big sessions or a summer training session. I generally look for brands that have little added to the essential ingredients as possible. One of my favourite brands currently is PURE Sports Nutrition. Ingredients 600ml filtered water1/4 cup lemon juice1/4 cup lime juice1/8 tsp Celtic/Himalayan salt3 tbsp maple syrupIce it up, baby! Drinking it chilled is bliss! Extra Bits... If you are seeking a carbohydrate-free mix you can use stevia as a sweetener, however, keep in mind this will not provide energy.Can add 100mg magnesium citrate/bisglycinate to the mix.Not a maple syrup fan? Swap for honey or 60g glucose. ...

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